Sunny Reviews (The Muppets 2015 Episode 1) – Let’s Be Honest With Each Other

Hello everyone, Sunny here and today I’m going to be starting another new set of articles. Since this month is the 2nd anniversary of ABC’s The Muppets, I thought about looking back at the series and giving my overall review of each episode.

Starting with the first episode “Pigs Girls Don’t Cry” or as I’m calling it here “Let’s Be Honest with Each Other”. A quote from the episode and how I’m going to voice my opinion of the episode. Nothing but honesty here.

So starting with the opening, Kermit explains how it’s difficult working with his ex (aka Miss Piggy) on her late-night talk show.

For those of you who aren’t already aware, or didn’t watch the show, or aren’t Muppet Fans in general, this was around the same time Kermit and Piggy were officially broken up. The breakup was going to play into the show and how do they execute this?

Well, let’s find out..

As Piggy is being introduced, Kermit tells Scooter that “it’s too late for me save yourself”, which implies that all the Muppets are scared of Miss Piggy. (I mean that’s not anything new, and this is going to be brought up in the next episode) But it gets even worse when Piggy finds out Elizabeth Banks is going to be on the show. Kermit asked her why she’s against it, and all she can say is “I hate her stupid face.”, like a little kid.

Now hear me out, but Miss Piggy is my favorite character in The Muppets. She’s been a role model to me for years, and she was always the one Muppet I related to. I loved everything about her and loved her relationship with Kermit (romantic and platonic). I’m hoping to write an article about their relationship sometime in October. But my point is, Miss Piggy may be my favorite..but her writing is atrocious. They just don’t know how to write her without her coming off as annoying or just plain mean-spirited. I have a lot of comments coming up soon when I discuss the recent Hollywood Bowl performance, but most of the things I have a problem with are prominent in the first half of the 2015 show.

But then we’re introduced to..Denise. Oh, poor Denise. 

Okay here’s the thing, I love Denise as a character. But I still have this feeling now as I did when Episode 1 first premiered..she could of been just a friend to Kermit. I didn’t like the fact that Kermit just dedicated to move on and “cross-promote” with Denise so fast. Look how long it took him to accept his relationship with Miss Piggy. I never bought the idea that he was so eager to try a new relationship, but whatever. Again, nothing against Denise because she’s an interesting character, but she has nothing to add in this episode except show Kermit a reason why Piggy doesn’t like Elizabeth Banks.

They assume because of an old screen test for the Hunger Games, that Piggy has had a grudge towards Elizabeth ever since. Kermit doesn’t care about the screen test, and just decides to have her on the show. A lot of people complained about current Kermit’s lack of being a strong leader, but here it just proves he still has that capability.

And the other thing I wanna address is Kermit’s character…

Now, when Kermit talks about Miss Piggy in the episode, he starts out by saying “she’s quirky and kind of sexy, but take dating out of that picture and she’s just a lunatic.” And I wanna say that this has nothing to do with Steve Whitmire’s performance of Kermit, because like I addressed in Muppet Chat Mondays #1, it’s not the performance that’s the’s the writing. The show and writing were handled by people who worked on the Big Bang Theory. Just wanna remind everybody about that.

So, yes I’m not happy about the way Kermit is portrayed in this episode, but I’m not blaming Steve, I’m blaming the writers who thought it was a great idea to have Kermit call Piggy a “lunatic”. Sorry guys, you get -20 points for the writing.

Anyway back to the episode, there’s also this sub-plot where Fozzie is meeting his girlfriend Becky’s parents and wants to make a good impression on them. So, he tells them that he can give them a backstage tour of Up Late with Miss Piggy and to meet her as well. It’s really kind of adorable seeing Fozzie trying to do all this, but having him dating a human isn’t that interesting to me. It’s just another trope that we’ve seen before. And this is coming from someone who loves a frog and a pig and a weirdo and a chicken together.

After that, Elizabeth Banks comes onto the set and wanting to hang out with Piggy. So, Kermit gets Scooter to distract her by driving her around the Up Late Studio. That doesn’t work out and eventually Piggy finds out she’s at the set and gets upset with Kermit. Kermit chases her down, telling her she shouldn’t be so mad about the screen test. But, the screen test wasn’t the was Pitch Perfect 2.

Then, we cut to one of the best scenes in the episode..the Breakup Scene. We see the couple arguing over Piggy giving more time to her fans than her actual boyfriend. Kermit is started to get annoyed by Piggy’s attitude and decides to break up with her. Piggy says, “Over this?” and Kermit replies, “No…over everything.”

Just the way that Steve Whitmire and Eric Jacobson deliver the lines brings such a powerful tone to the scene. Especially after Kermit walks away from Piggy, the camera just pauses on her, looking up at the Elizabeth Banks poster. Followed by her heavy breathing is just fantastic. You really feel the emotion and believe that Piggy’s heart been broken by the one person (cough I mean frog) that she’s loved her whole life. This scene is one of the many reasons you should watch this episode.

After the flashback, Kermit says that he was an insensitive toad towards Piggy’s feelings and goes to apologize to her. The two come to an agreement when Kermit says, “For now on let’s just be honest with each other, okay?” I’m probably going to be referencing that quote a lot during these reviews. It’s a nice scene between them, but Piggy kind of breaks the mood by calling out Kermit’s new girlfriend and he’s getting a little tummy.

But they finally do the talk show and everything’s going great with Elizabeth Banks. Even Imagine Dragons does a performance at the end..which I kind of forgot about lol. Anyway, What do I think of this episode? It’s pretty good actually.

Despite major flaws in the character writing, it’s really not a bad first episode. It has a good setup and makes you wonder if Piggy was just mad at Elizabeth Banks for the screen test, but they bring in a nice twist to it. The first time I watched the episode, the breakup scene surprised me and I wasn’t expecting the poster to be the reminder of the breakup. They really tied the whole plot of the episode together and it really worked.

So, I’m giving “Pig Girls Don’t Cry” a 7/10 rating, and I’ll be back with the next review “Hostile Makeover”!


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